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"Captain of None" - by Colleen 



Directed by Naoko Tanaka.

Colleen Works With Light Artist Naoko Tanaka For Captain Of None

Music Video (Thrill Jockey Records) | Music News : Posted by Sound Colour Vibration on April 20, 2015

"Captain Of None" from the album "Captain Of None" 2015 by Colleen :

.....The first music video has been released this week as well and it’s an incredible collaboration with light artist Naoko Tanaka.

Taking on the title-track for the project, Naoko Tanaka created the stunning concept video using a small halogen bulb, mirrors, lenses, colored foils and props. Keep in mind, this was achieved without the aid of digital effects. With all of these tools, Naoko was able to create an immersive and amorphous geometric shaping of color patterns that flits across a black backdrop. Full light spectrum rays dash around with the type of beauty her viola de gamba creates, perfectly matching the vibe on this lush song and taking the experience to a whole new plateau. ...

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